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(c) German lawyers mth Tieben & Partner CologneIn order to ensure consumer protection as well as increase the transparency within the Single European Market for services, the German Regulation on Disclosure Requirements for Services Providers (DL-InfoV) was introduced on Mai 17th 2010 which implements Art. 22 et seq. of the EU Services Directive (2006/123/EC).(mehr …)

Rule on Calculating Termination Dead-lines is Incompatible with European Law (ECJ Judgment of 01/19/2010, Case C-555/07)

ECJ Judgment of 01/19/2010, Case C-555/07In the Mangold judgment of 2005, the Court of Justice acknowledged the existence of a principle of non-discrimination on grounds of age which must be regarded as a general principle of European Union law. Directive 2000/78 on equal treatment in employment and occupation gives expression to that principle.(mehr …)

Product Placement on German Television Permitted with Restrictions

On 30 October 2009, the Minister-Presidents of the Länder signed the 13. Rundfunkänderungsstaatsvertrag (13th amendment to the Inter-State Broadcasting Agreement - RÄStV ).The primary reason for adopting the 13th RÄStV is to transpose the Audiovisual Media Services Directive 2007/65/EC into German law. In particular, product placement is allowed in certain cases for the first time (see IRIS 2009-6:9).(mehr …)